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Reporting Sexual Harrasment and Other Misconduct

Anyone may report violations of the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act or other misconduct committed by a State officer or employee by notifying a supervisor, ethics officer, or the appropriate Inspector General.  

Contact information for inspectors general, including email addresses and/or website information to report violations via email or online is linked here.  

Reports of sexual harassment committed by a registered lobbyist should be made to the Executive Inspector General for the Illinois Secretary of State.  Contact information is linked here.

Misconduct committed by local or federal officials and employees is beyond our authority and should be reported in accordance with the procedures of the appropriate jurisdiction. 

Sexual Harassment Helpline
The Illinois Department of Human Rights has established a Sexual Harassment Helpline to help callers find necessary resources, including counseling services, and assist in the filing of sexual harassment complaints with the Department or other applicable agencies: 1-877-236-7703