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Executive Order 15-09 & Associated Forms

UPDATE: The Supplemental Statement of Economic process is currently being revamped. Please check for updates as we approach the file period in March-May 2016. Thank you!

Executive Order 15-09


Memo to Agency Directors & Ethics Officers - Supplemental State of Economic Interest Memo sent to Agency Directors and Ethics Officers on February 27, 2015.

Supplemental Statement of Interests Form - For officers and employees subject to the jurisdictions of the Illinois Governor per Executive Order 15-09. Please complete the form concerning calendar year 2014. Attach additional sheets if necessary. Kindly return it by May 1, 2015 to : Illinois Executive Ethics Commission, 401 S. Spring Street, Wm. Stratton Building, Room 513, Springfield, IL 62706.

Executive Order 15-09 Gift Ban Exception Request Form - Agencies and employees subject to Executive Order 15-09 may not claim Gift Ban exceptions #4 (Educational Materials and Missions) or #5 (Travel Expenses to Discuss State Business) unless the exceptions comply with the provisions of 2 Ill. Admin. Code 1620.700, the Prohibited Source makes or arranges payment or reimbursement directly with the agency, and the trip is approved in advance by the Executive Director of the Executive Ethics Commission.