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Abraham Lincoln Ethics Award

Created by the Executive Ethics Commission in 2006, The Abraham Lincoln Ethics Award is given to a person or entity that has a demonstrated record of exemplary adherence to the principles of integrity and service to the People of the State of Illinois.

This year, the award is presented to David Keahl who served from 2003 until this past November when he retired from the Office of the Executive Inspector General for the Agencies of the Illinois Governor. Throughout his tenure, David Keahl demonstrated both leadership and extraordinary commitment to the cause of ethics reform in Illinois. As the Director of Ethics Compliance, his was a strong and persuasive voice during the implementation of ethics training for all Illinois employees. In ten years, he supervised well over a million training sessions for State employees - about 165,000 State employees each year. David later served the OEIG as the Deputy Chief of Staff, and later as the Chief of Staff. For the OEIG, the Ethics Commission, and ethics officers throughout the state, he has been a valuable authority and a generous resource on the Ethics Act. In the words of the Executive Inspector General, “Since the 2003 enactment of the Ethics Act and as Director of Ethics and Compliance and later Chief of Staff, David Keahl has been a quiet but leading force in seeking to make Illinois a more responsible and ethical state. Honesty, integrity, and dedication are just some words to describe David’s efforts.”